Masked Rider Agito - Project G4

480p - Stereo AAC
720p - 5.1 AAC
1080p - 5.1 Wavpack

The HD versions are segmented 7-zip archives, because they're too big for Packupload. Heck, the 1080p is 7.3GB so it's too big for pretty much anything.

Both HD versions are 10bit encodes. The 1080p is completely unfiltered, just a minor crop off the sides of some junk data, so it's not perfectly 1920x1080, as that kind of tiny horizontal scale would just blur things for no good reason. It's basically a straight recompress of the source, using tech that allows better compression/quality than the disc was allowed to in the first place.

The smaller two are hit with a fairly light dfttest and use 16bit resizers to give the 10bit encoder some real 10bit data to work with, as there's no real point in preserving the exact grains if you're going to be shrinking them anyway.

And with that, it's probably high time we get back to finalizing 1-12 with the new video, and swapping out the song/styles on the older episodes that we might finally have a batch.


  1. Right now only the 480 file is up for download

    1. Welcome to Packupload, where files are default public but folders are default private, and the option to make one or the other public are not in the same place.

      Both folders should now be public.

    2. Confirmed. Thank you very much!

  2. You know it would probably be easier if you guys made this movie a torrent. Especially with how huge it is.
    OR at the very least you could have broke it up into smaller files if it's the type where you need multiple parts in the first place.

  3. Which cut of the movie is this? Is it the theatrical or the Director's Cut?

  4. another filehost please