Kamen Rider Double 01

It... uh... isn't the weekend anymore. However, we have a special treat anyway:

Kamen Rider Double - 01

Yes, it says Kamen. Why does it say Kamen in a Gomen Rider release? Because the official romanization in the title screen of this 11th Heisei era Rider show is Kamen and not Masked. There's still no honorifics, tl notes, henshin, or any of that sort of thing, but the Kamen is being treated as a proper noun for the hell of it.


Masked Rider Agito - Episode 5

And after some sort of hiatus, episode 5 is here. This is not a particularly fitting episode name as you'll have to wait until the preview to see what it's on about, but there you have it.  Episode six should be cranked out over the weekend to round out the current monster battle.

Shouichi and Taiichi have good taste, it cannot be argued.


Masked Rider Agito - Episode 4

Episode 4 already out?  Yeah really, grab it here.

There are people in the world who accept the word "henshin" in their subtitles due to its exposure in US media (primarily Viewtiful Joe, a relatively niche game) and some of the other Rider things before they were 90% kisama yatsu tachi. This episode gives a good reason not to accept it though: Mana asks Shouichi about how he transformed. If the subs were using Henshin, the options at this point would be for her to ask about how he "henshined" or to be inconsistent, neither of which is a good idea.

This episode also has much more of Shouichi's stupid sense of humor, and it sadly doesn't translate very well. They're pretty much invented from whole cloth here to get the basic idea of what was happening without relying on spelling out the Japanese language gags he was using.  Because, after all, the only Japanese you should see is in the release is the group name, and we're sorry about that.


Masked Rider Agito - Episode 3

This took longer than we were hoping due to some personal issues.  You'd think ripping and editing subs for a long done series would be faster than a release per week right?  Okay, so this isn't a full seven days later but still.  The timing team is getting a whip put to them to speed up the more tedious bits for the editors.

Masked Rider Agito - Episode 3 - My Transformation

Wherein the other word the brainwashed masses have acquiesced to appears.  Remember, the only Japanese you'll see is the group name, and we're sorry for that.


Masked Rider Agito - Episodes 1-2

At Gomen Rider Fansubs, we realize there are all kinds of people in this world.  There are people who:

  • Enjoy the sight of random bits of Japanese left in their English translations.
  • Honestly believe that watching fansubs that leave Japanese in will help them learn the language.
  • Are comfortable with hardsubbed xvid, despite having desktop resolutions over 640x480.
  • Are more interested in flashy text effects than what the words actually say.
  • Molest children.

We, however, are none of these things, and we believe that there are plenty of people out there who aren't those things either.  Perhaps they would like fansubs to go with their tastes!  Well we're all too happy to deliver.

And thus, Gomen Rider Fansubs presents Masked Rider Agito Episodes 1 and 2:

Episode 1

Episode 2

If by some chance you've seen the Cruel-Angel Productions subs for this series and think these subs seem slightly familiar, there's a reason: yes, these are basically ripped from that asshole (charging for piracy is pretty low) release, with the softsubs attached to R2 DVD rips.  If the subs don't seem that familiar it's because they've been edited pretty heavily for punctuation, consistency, and readability.  There wasn't a hell of a lot of reason to just dump them exactly as is, frankly.

Remember, at Gomen Rider Fansubs, the only Japanese you'll see is in the group name, and we're sorry about that.