Masked Rider Agito - Episodes 1-2

At Gomen Rider Fansubs, we realize there are all kinds of people in this world.  There are people who:

  • Enjoy the sight of random bits of Japanese left in their English translations.
  • Honestly believe that watching fansubs that leave Japanese in will help them learn the language.
  • Are comfortable with hardsubbed xvid, despite having desktop resolutions over 640x480.
  • Are more interested in flashy text effects than what the words actually say.
  • Molest children.

We, however, are none of these things, and we believe that there are plenty of people out there who aren't those things either.  Perhaps they would like fansubs to go with their tastes!  Well we're all too happy to deliver.

And thus, Gomen Rider Fansubs presents Masked Rider Agito Episodes 1 and 2:

Episode 1

Episode 2

If by some chance you've seen the Cruel-Angel Productions subs for this series and think these subs seem slightly familiar, there's a reason: yes, these are basically ripped from that asshole (charging for piracy is pretty low) release, with the softsubs attached to R2 DVD rips.  If the subs don't seem that familiar it's because they've been edited pretty heavily for punctuation, consistency, and readability.  There wasn't a hell of a lot of reason to just dump them exactly as is, frankly.

Remember, at Gomen Rider Fansubs, the only Japanese you'll see is in the group name, and we're sorry about that.


  1. i didn't know.. there was another fansubber that subs agito.. thx.. but.. could you upload it in megaupload too???

  2. The DL link is down, can we get a re-up please?

  3. yeah re-up the links please