GARO Episode 02 - 10bit h.264

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Episode 02

There were apparently a number of hilariously poorly handled lines in the original release, and having looked up the T-N next episode preview from a streaming site, it seems they utterly blew that as well. We're talking embarrassingly so. No idea if the new DVD rip release of theirs fixes them, or if they were just so threatened by the existence of our rips that they did essentially the same thing. If somebody wants to update any lines that they actually did seriously fix, go ahead, but we don't really have the patience to full on scrub the same show twice.

This will be the last warning for this: if you do not have the OP1 and ED1 from the previous post, you will see no opening or ending.


GARO Episode 01 - 10bit h.264

Well... we bought these damn DVDs so long ago that almost the entire series was encoded just in time for a demoralizing hard drive crash. When recovery tools failed to grab the encoded videos, it seemed like hope was lost, and it was hard to muster the effort to start over.

And then MakaiSenki was announced.

Back when the first releases of this series happened, we were up front about not being particularly happy with the the quality of the DVD raws, so this time we've gone all out. The old releases are pretty tolerable if you're not big on the bleeding edge, but for those who are, we have a release for you of 10bit h.264 video (a show this dark bands like a motherfucker) with ordered chapters to cut down on redundant downloading of the OPs and at least first ED. This release has been in the pipeline for honestly too long, seeing as the first episode of the sequel is already out and the second has aired, but as comments and tweets to Over-Time suggest, there's still plenty of people who are not yet on board the great Golden Knight GARO bandwagon. So let's get them on, shall we?

OP1: http://www.multiupload.com/KL22G016OV
ED1: http://www.multiupload.com/D8PAIJ52ED
Episode 01: http://www.multiupload.com/SSMAFNCX8W

You'll need a fairly modern player to deal with this, the easiest is to use CCCP on windows, or mplayer2 (or a gui program that is backed by it). The opening and ending play at the correct time automatically in a correctly configured system, no playlists or trickery required.

The upside of a rerelease like this is simple: the subs are done. Just need to slide them back around the now missing 2:30 and presto release-o. Also this gives a good opportunity to fix a few lingering errors (at least one instance of Guren Forest made it through QC of the DVD releases, for instance) at the same time.

Have fun.