Masked Rider Agito - Volume 02 DVD9

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Additionally, and embarrassingly, there is a word missing from one line in the opening translation. Below are links to updated files, as well as patches to the final, as it was literally just a missing word and a remux. If you have the files, we would suggest using that, as it's a 110kb download instead of several hundred. Just unzip to the folder the original files are in (MAKE SURE THEY HAVE THE ORIGINAL NAME FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE) and double click the bat. We are not your parents though, so do what you like.

By the way, a free account on Packupload shortens its wait time, so you may wish to make one. Use a spam email address and forget about it if you wish.

Patches for 02-04
Episode 02 fixed
Episode 03 fixed
Episode 04 fixed

True story, after catching the problem on a cursory glance of episode five, and then backtracking out of (warranted) paranoia to episode two, it turned out that the problem was fixed on the way through episode six itself, but even still not in the file that gets concatenated to scripts to add the lines in. We don't know how that happened either.