Masked Rider Agito - 1-25 Batch

1-25 Batch Torrent

It's been quite a while. In the time since we've ridden together, apologetically, others have joined the cause of scrubbing the cruft from bad fansubs. We salute you all. But this leaves us feeling somewhat foolish, what with our incomplete job. So here we are, roughly at the half way point. After so many months, it did not seem right to merely release a couple episodes, so eight it is.

Incidentally, we at Gomen Rider Fansubs would like to bless some good people from the land of Brazil, for drastically cutting down the effort that goes into these. Scrubbing is actually ahead of raw encoding from the (admittedly ugly, but better than the alternative) DVD5s.


Masked Rider Agito - 15-17v2

There were some minor aspect ratio related issues with these files. The irony is not lost on any of us. As they are minor, however, the fix is also quite small and simple.

Here is a zip full of patches and a batch to run them. We're seriously just talking a flag to one file, and a couple 100s become 83s in sub streams. No big.

Don't go anywhere though, we didn't begin to ride again just for this.