Masked Rider Agito 1-17 Batch

And here it is, slightly after the new year because welp combing artifacts make our encoder's blood boil so the three that were not uploaded to MU previously have been reencoded.

1-17 batch

Same directory structure as the last one, so you should be able to just hop on as-is (and help seed whatever you already have for people who are late to the game). Enjoy.


Yeah, that means there's combing bullshit on 11-14. There shouldn't be, they were run through my FieldHints with NNEDI2 for post processing, but apparently it thought everything was a-ok. They'll get v2s when 1-10 get encoded. 15-17 don't suffer the same problems (and are actually less complicated avs scripts) so 18-end won't either. God dammit.