Masked Rider Agito 13-14

Merry Christmas y'all!


15-17 encoded, need to do the final tweaks on the subs and a new batch will be swapped in, which is good since apparently 1-10 isn't actually seeded at the moment.


Masked Rider Agito 11-12 (no batch yet)

Since the last post, the team has received legit R2s of GARO TV and the GARO: Beast of the White Midnight movies. (Actually, they've even since been encoded, but they're not ready for distro yet). After seeing the quality increase, on a lark, one of our members checked PD for Agito DVD raws. A disturbing discovery was made.

The fucking things are anamorphic, not matted.

That's right, the pubraws that have been used up to this point are 640x360 not out of necessity, but because somebody wanted to keep the filesize down or something I guess. This is dumb. As such, these files right here are 720x480 anamorphic h.264 encodes from the DVD directly (crf 18, so file sizes will fluctuate).


Up through 17 (there's a three episode arc, not leaving you hanging in the middle of a monster arc again) are more or less ready in script form, though they need some minor timing tweaking against the not quite yet encoded raws from all of V4 and the first ep of V5. The AVS scripts are ready to go, for v4, just need to run the thing overnight. Will update torrent for 1-17 when they're all done.

Yes, there will be a v3 for 1-5 and v2 for 6-10 with the new video, but we figured at the rate this shit is actually happening, nobody wants those before more new episodes are out. The timed Portuguese scripts for the rest of the series should help take the tedium out of the process too (and allow me to murder at least one team member).



Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun DTV version

Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun

Look what's out just in time for the something awful members to slot it in to after 25.

ADTRW people, you have about 72 hours from this posting to get the first episode if you want to be cool and pretend there are 27 episodes of Garo (Ignoring the Gaiden) during the simulwatch. If you can't manage that, tough shit, you can watch on your own time. It won't hurt you, I promise.

Why the DTV version? There aren't any readily available raws for the Director's Cut... at least until my copies of it (and the TV series) arrive in late October. That's right, Japan is rereleasing the whole thing for about $400 less than the current MSRP in time for Red Requiem, and because I was never happy with the video quality of the raws that are floating around online (not that they're not a huge fucking improvement over the T-N TV rips) I'm grabbing them. I paid more for Evangelion in the US, and I don't even like that show.

Fortunately, encoding can be done mostly offline, which is good because the primary reason Agito is going so slow is the amount of tedium in cranking out a single episode, whereas doing a v2 with better video (and minor corrections) doesn't actually require a whole lot of personal interaction. These subs were not originally ripped by kind anonymous, they were ripped by me with a different tool, which may help out that whole thing if I can get it to not choke on Agito's ugly ass subs. That will speed up the process tremendously.

That's enough words, enjoy the wolves grunting and cutting things!


Masked Rider Agito 1-10

As I was saying a minute ago...

Masked Rider Agito 1-10

Please, IF YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS OF 1-5, SEE THE PREVIOUS POST. It will save you some time downloading.

GARO may have been less work, but it was non-trivial, so going over those 25 episodes was a bit of a learning process. Picking up a person to do a QC pass means I have to view each of these episodes only three times instead of four, which cuts down on burn out and speeds things up considerably. It shouldn't take forever to get the next batch out the way it has between the release of 5 and now.

Oh, also, every release from here on out will be a complete series (thus far) batch torrent, with the same directory name, so don't rename it until it's all over. This means that as long as anybody is seeding, they're seeding the whole thing, so there's no accidentally finding the files after a long period but unable to access them like with sendspace. There are probably downsides to this release method, but frankly I don't really care that much.

Thanks and enjoy!

Masked Rider Agito 1-5v2

Well a promise is a promise.

Patch for [GRF] Masked Rider Agito 01-05 to v2

If you have the original files unzip this, put all the files in the same directory, and double click the .bat. When it finishes, feel free to wipe out the old files. Oh, you should probably rename the directory that's holding the v2s to [GomenRider]_Masked_Rider_Agito. It might be helpful in a little bit.

If you DON'T have the original files this will not help you in the least. Stay tuned for a bit, you aren't SOL.


A New Release at Last! (But not Agito)

I'm not sure if anybody still reads this. I'm sure everybody has long since given up on seeing Agito from us. Well, you shouldn't, because 6-10 are awaiting a QC pass before getting them into your hot little hands, along with some v2s of 1-5 (with patches for those of you who have had the originals, no need to redownload). Many things have been promised about rate of release in the past, so it's easy to not believe this. So here's a peace offering: all of GARO, cleaned up and ready for consumption.

At some point, some anonymous OCR ripped the subtitles from T-N's GARO release. These were kind of dogshit, what with the chans, samas, and the fact the timing was way off. That said, it was a much better starting point than the Agito project.

Similarly, some other anonymous posted DVD raws of the series. These aren't really encoded to our standards, but they're head and shoulders above the T-N tv rips, so it's definitely a worthwhile upgrade if not a perfect one.

Thanks to our friends at Gattai for their help in this release. Enjoy!