Masked Rider Agito 11-12 (no batch yet)

Since the last post, the team has received legit R2s of GARO TV and the GARO: Beast of the White Midnight movies. (Actually, they've even since been encoded, but they're not ready for distro yet). After seeing the quality increase, on a lark, one of our members checked PD for Agito DVD raws. A disturbing discovery was made.

The fucking things are anamorphic, not matted.

That's right, the pubraws that have been used up to this point are 640x360 not out of necessity, but because somebody wanted to keep the filesize down or something I guess. This is dumb. As such, these files right here are 720x480 anamorphic h.264 encodes from the DVD directly (crf 18, so file sizes will fluctuate).


Up through 17 (there's a three episode arc, not leaving you hanging in the middle of a monster arc again) are more or less ready in script form, though they need some minor timing tweaking against the not quite yet encoded raws from all of V4 and the first ep of V5. The AVS scripts are ready to go, for v4, just need to run the thing overnight. Will update torrent for 1-17 when they're all done.

Yes, there will be a v3 for 1-5 and v2 for 6-10 with the new video, but we figured at the rate this shit is actually happening, nobody wants those before more new episodes are out. The timed Portuguese scripts for the rest of the series should help take the tedium out of the process too (and allow me to murder at least one team member).


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