A New Release at Last! (But not Agito)

I'm not sure if anybody still reads this. I'm sure everybody has long since given up on seeing Agito from us. Well, you shouldn't, because 6-10 are awaiting a QC pass before getting them into your hot little hands, along with some v2s of 1-5 (with patches for those of you who have had the originals, no need to redownload). Many things have been promised about rate of release in the past, so it's easy to not believe this. So here's a peace offering: all of GARO, cleaned up and ready for consumption.

At some point, some anonymous OCR ripped the subtitles from T-N's GARO release. These were kind of dogshit, what with the chans, samas, and the fact the timing was way off. That said, it was a much better starting point than the Agito project.

Similarly, some other anonymous posted DVD raws of the series. These aren't really encoded to our standards, but they're head and shoulders above the T-N tv rips, so it's definitely a worthwhile upgrade if not a perfect one.

Thanks to our friends at Gattai for their help in this release. Enjoy!


  1. Can someone please seed this? I've been stuck at 87.5% for nearly a week now!

  2. seeding this

    possibly forever