Kamen Rider Double 01

It... uh... isn't the weekend anymore. However, we have a special treat anyway:

Kamen Rider Double - 01

Yes, it says Kamen. Why does it say Kamen in a Gomen Rider release? Because the official romanization in the title screen of this 11th Heisei era Rider show is Kamen and not Masked. There's still no honorifics, tl notes, henshin, or any of that sort of thing, but the Kamen is being treated as a proper noun for the hell of it.


  1. So is this a joke, or are you guys doing a real sub of this show?

  2. Double is a joke, and they should suck each others dick.

    You people should just keep subbing Agito IMO.

  3. double rider dick sucking is hot

    kingranger it's a real sub

    gomenrider, cheers for the subs

  4. just out of curiousity, why use sendspace and not megaupload of mediafire?

  5. Thanks for this release! Hope you guys do more Double episodes. Keep up the good work!

  6. Oh come on is this really necessary? This is like, what the fourth group subbing W?