GARO Episode 02 - 10bit h.264

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Episode 02

There were apparently a number of hilariously poorly handled lines in the original release, and having looked up the T-N next episode preview from a streaming site, it seems they utterly blew that as well. We're talking embarrassingly so. No idea if the new DVD rip release of theirs fixes them, or if they were just so threatened by the existence of our rips that they did essentially the same thing. If somebody wants to update any lines that they actually did seriously fix, go ahead, but we don't really have the patience to full on scrub the same show twice.

This will be the last warning for this: if you do not have the OP1 and ED1 from the previous post, you will see no opening or ending.


  1. These are some excellent quality subs. Thanks for the hard work! Can't wait to rewatch more of this show.

  2. Out of curiosity, have you dropped these re-encodes forever, or is it just something you've been putting off indefinitely (which would be pretty understandable)?