Masked Rider Agito - Disc 1 DVD9


Figured the more episodes are in the wild, the easier it'll be to seed, so since the first disc's worth are done here they are.

None of these have been resized to 720x480 the way all the DVD5 sourced episodes were, as that would just hard code a slight blur into the files, and these discs are so much better looking than the shitty recompressed versions that we did not wish to impart such. Granted, if you fullscreen the playback, your player will probably use a worse scaler than avisynth's spline36() or blackman(), but at least the source itself (which you may wish to make screencaps of) will be pure. They all expand to 16:9 just like the other ones anyway, even if it's not the same dimensions to reach that ratio. Also, the files are given a higher bitrate encode, so they're slightly larger than average, though still smaller than the hilarious episode 42.

Also, in case you haven't actually noticed at any point, the track title for the video track in these muxes contains the episode title. It did in the original 1-10 too, which is why we decided putting it in the filename was stupid and redundant, but at least this way you can access that information at all, since Rider shows started hiding those titles for a while after Kuuga.


  1. Hello Gomen Rider Thank you ^^ Friends by the DVD9 Show !!!

  2. Are there any alternate links you know of for episodes 29 and later? Jumbofiles doesn't work for me at all, trying to download from there just tells me I can't connect to Jumbofiles.

  3. I'm Just waiting for a torrent wil the whole series to show up

  4. So is there going to be a repost of links or a torrent cause all the old links are gone

  5. Here's a fixed link with all of Agito, updated with the four dvd9 episodes listed above

    It's only missing the movie I think?

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