Agito Re-ups

Apparently some links aren't working? Jumbo is great and super fast when it works, but when it decides not to, it is literally The Worst.

26 http://jumbofiles.com/lq5392jk6zng
27 http://jumbofiles.com/sf2g57jpj4xq
28 http://jumbofiles.com/b4wp0zn75977
30 http://jumbofiles.com/k9cw7hp8193j
31 http://jumbofiles.com/wu9hl3lx2bgs

Let us all see if these are less grumpy.


  1. Could you also re-up episodes 30 and 31 please? Their sessions have been expired on JumboFiles, too

    1. A new 31 link is right here in this post already...

    2. I must've been half asleep when I typed that. I meant 29 and 30.

  2. Could you also re-up Episodes 1 and 2 please? I thought I may as well check out any other Agito fansubs and see if perhaps there are better ones than what I first watched. (Plus I hope to understand what the characters are really saying in English in order to further practice and learn Japanese) If you'd be so kind ^.^

  3. Something's wrong with the links. It always keeps saying "You don't have permission to access *Insert Agito episode here* on this server.

  4. Infact, forget what I just said. I just fixed that problem but now there's a legitimate problem now cuz these Re-uploads are not working. They keep saying "Error happened when generating Download Link. Please try again or Contact administrator."

  5. Hey guys,good work on the subs.
    You've done a great job, my biggest thanks.
    Sadly I can't download chapters after chapter 26, the links got problems.
    Why do you upload it in torrents, just like you did on the firsts 25 episodes?
    It would help a lot :)
    Thank you very much

  6. Even the jumbofiles links that still exist time out for me and don't work. Could you do all of the second half in torrent form?